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DOB: 03/07/2016

Color: Schwsch 

Zb-Nr: 232213

ZR Nr : 351/16

Form/ Hair - 11/11 

 Height Length - 65/66


HZP- 179

HD (A) frei,

 OCD frei ED frei 

vWD Ped. Free, 

DNA Furnishings  (F f )

Diesel is owned by Cale Patterson. Diesel comes from the vom Berg-Meister kennel owned by Brandon Park. We had the opportunity of owning Diesel's sister Delta until her early passing. This was a great breeding, producing some amazing dogs with a ton of natural talent and scoring very good in coat and confirmation. We are pleased to add Diesel to our vom Ridgeline stud dog page,  as well as incorporating him into our breeding program. (vom Ridgeline I- Litter)  We are excited to see the offspring of Diesel and the traits he will contribute to future pups. If you are interested in more information about Diesel or would like to put your hands on him please feel free to contact me...  Roger Kynaston

"Diesel is a perfect example of a versatile dog. Hunt waterfowl in the morning, upland game in the afternoon and relax with the family in the evening.  Diesel has been a dream to own and handle, learning quickly making the training process enjoyable, but more importantly a great companion in the field."

 " Cale Patterson"

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