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Color: Brsch      DOB: 02/15/019

Zb-Nr: 239760

ZR Nr : 132/19

Form/ Hair - 11/10    Height/ Length - 66/67

VJP- Corona - 4 / Site Loud

HZP- 186

HD (A) frei, OCD frei ED frei vWD Ped. frei, Furnishings-(F f )


Expected Spring 2024


This is a repeat breeding of our I-Litter 

We only have a few available spots for this breeding..






Color: Brsch   DOB: 07/04/2020

Zb-Nr: 244519

ZR Nr : pending

Form/ Hair 10/10     Height/ Length 60/60

VJP-72  (11-Rabbit Track)

HZP-191  (12- Duck Search)

HD (A) frei, OCD frei, vWD Ped. frei,​ Furnishings-(FF)

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