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~ Confidence, Independence, Nose & Desire​ ~


For information regarding dogs we have for sale or that we may have coming up please feel free to contact me!  

(435) 322-0156

 Asha vom Ridgeline   $3,500.00   SOLD

DOB: 04/26/2018      

Started & Forced Fetched female  & VJP Tested

Breed:  VDD. Deutsch Drahthaar

VJP- 70 pts.

 (Charlie) vom Ridgeline $2,500.00.      SOLD

DOB: 04/26/2018      More information coming soon!

Breed: VDD. Deutsch Drahthaar

Fannie (Kona) vom Berg-Meister $3,000.00   SOLD

DOB: 12/28/2017


Jagger vom Red-Rock $4,000.00.      SOLD

DOB: 5/13/2014

Breed:  VDD. Deutsch Drahthaar

VJP- 68


HD-B Free

Darko II vom Wasatc​h    SOLD

DOB: 10/14/2016

Breed:  VDD. Deutsch Drahthaar

Delma vom Berg-Meister $1,800.00h.   SOLD

DOB: 7/03/16

Breed: VDD.  Deutsch Drahthaar


Looking for something I don't have posted?


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If you are looking for something I do not have either in particular breed or price range, please fill out this form. I buy many great dogs of different breeds thought out the year. Most generally are dogs that an individuals life situation has changed and they are looking to placed their dog in a good hunting home. I personally evaluate and put my hands on each dog before purchasing the dog. I will then bring the dog in and spend time with the dog in all hunting situations, and obedience etc. after working the dog and I feel it is ready, ill find a final home to match to the dog. Only then will I place the dog....

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