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 Built on ~ Confidence, Independence, Nose & Desire​ ~


 vom Ridgeline puppies are sold to hunting homes!  No exception!

If your interested in owning a vom Ridgeline Drahthaar puppy, contact me so we may visit and answer all your questions & concerns you may have regarding the Drahthaar Breed and testing requirements set by VDD-GNA.  Also any expectations I may have as a Drahthaar Breeder / Kennel. I am very passionate about the Drahthaar Breed and take pride in our breeding program and dogs!   

 Vom Ridgeline Drahthaar puppies are top quality and will come with a Health Guarantee. I understand the financial responsibility & long term commitment you are looking at making and hope that you have done your homework or are doing your homework now. 

When i place a puppy in your home it's a start to a long friendship..  I personally will be there to help with all

 question you will have along the way.....

I also highly recommend that you become a member of VDD-GNA organization.

If you are interested in more information regarding current or future litter's, our health guarantee please contact me

i'd love to answer any questions you have.. also check back soon for updated information!


  Whelping May - 2023 

Repeat Breeding / Vom Ridgeline E- Litter

(We only have a couple available spots)


Duke vom Rock-Creek

Color: Brsch     DOB: 01/09/2018

Zb-Nr: 236191

ZR Nr: 310/18

Form/ Hair 11/11.    Height/ Length 65/66


HZP- 171

VGP - 1/312 TF - 4H in Nose

HD (B) frei, OCD frei ED frei vWD Ped. Free, (FF)

*Sired 2nd Place 2022 Armbuster winner &

2022 Armbuster Top Field Dog. 

*Wild West Chapter 2022 Top VGP Scoring Dog .



Color: Brsch DOB: 02/25/2016

Zb-Nr: 230525

ZR Nr : 323/16

Form/ Hair 10/10 Height/ Length 60/62



HD (A) Free, vWD Ped. Free,​


Whelping May - 2023

(We only have a couple available spots)


Dutch Vom Berg-Meister

Color: Schwsch     DOB: 03/07/2016

Zb-Nr: 232212

ZR Nr : 271/16-II

Form/ Hair -  11/12   Height/ Length - 64/64

VJP- 68

HZP- 175 o.Sp / 189 o.Sp 

(12-Duck Search 2017 Armbruster Finished 10th Place)

VGP- 1 /296 TF

HD (A) frei, OCD frei ED frei vWD Ped. frei, Furnishings-(F f )




Color: Brsch   DOB: 07/04/2020

Zb-Nr: 244519

ZR Nr : pending

Form/ Hair 10/10     Height/ Length 60/60

VJP-72  (11-Rabbit Track)

HZP-191  (12- Duck Search)

HD (A) frei, OCD frei, vWD Ped. frei,​ Furnishings-(FF)

Interested in availability, receiving more information about our breeding program 

or to reserve your puppy..  click link below and i will contact you very soon.

I appreciate your interest in a vom Ridgeline Puppy!

Thank You..

" Roger Kynaston"

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